the WORKSHOP with Jasmine Star

This past Tuesday I participated in a workshop with the lovely, talented and hilarious Jasmine Star.  Myself and 16 other photographers gathered in Irvine for a day long workshop that focused on branding and how it translates into the work you produce... and gosh... so much more.

We were all a bit nervous to meet someone who we look up to and respect.  She immediately put us at ease, by making jokes about anything and everything, but also by reassuring us we were in good hands as she confidently led the group.  She was honest and humble and shared her outlook on business, life and reality television.

I knew I would gain tons of knowledge from Jasmine and I knew she would challenge us in ways we hadn't been challenged before, but what I didn't anticipate is that I would leave feeling so much love and respect for two people.  Yes! You too JD :)

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank Jasmine so much for opening up her heart to us in so many ways.  I will be forever changed by and I hope to reconnect with Jasmine and everyone from the workshop soon!

Here are some of my images from the photo shoot with our beautiful couple Farida and Tarek which reflect my style which is Classic, Clean and Romantic :)

Thank you so much to the following people who made this shoot even more beautiful!

Makeup+Hair: Beauty By Melina
Dress: Ferndales Bridal
Florals: Krista Jon

Stay Classy Sunday : Sixty & Sassy

Stay classy and stay sassy so that when you turn sixty you are surrounded by a room full of people who love you so much they just have to get up and dance.  Happy Birthday to my mom's dear friend Silvia.   Just a few photos from the ballroom dance inspired party.  

Tanti Auguri Silvia!    

Kassie + Keland :: Best Friends From Now till Forever

Long time friends Kassie and Keland tied then knot last Saturday surrounded by all their closest family and friends and it was evident that THEIR love is the kind that will last a lifetime.

It was such a joy to work with Kassie and Keland on their big day.  One thing that stood out to me as I documented the day was how calm both of them were.  Maybe they hid their nerves really well, but to me it was a calm that can only be described by the incredible love they have for one another.

Their love started out in the form of friendship which eventually grew into something more.  Kassie and Keland each married their best friend on Saturday and I feel so honored to be the one to document it.   Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day.

Kassie and Keland, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and I am confident you have each met your match in so many ways.

Special thanks to Villa Verde Country Club and Gina with Events by Gina as well as Laura Bosley Events for all of their fabulous contributions making this a beautiful day.  Entertainment was provided by Musik Trends.  All the details came together perfectly.

Kassie & Keland :: Engaged

I am so excited to be photographing another great couple this Spring.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from their E-session.  Kassie and Keland grew up in the same town, surrounded by the same friends.  For a long time they were just friends too until one day, Kassie, finally came to her senses and realized, Keland was quite the catch and she couldn't imagine her life without him...

The day started off with a very traditional set of photos at a nearby park.  But since Kassie and Keland felt such a strong connection to the school where they met and now both work, it was only appropriate to take their photo shoot to the football field.  This was by far one of the most enjoyable and fun shoots I've ever done. I hope you love the photos as much as I loved taking them.  Check back in April for their wedding photos!

Retail Therapy & Wallets That Don't Measure Up

Unless you are a girl, you don't understand the agony of choosing a new wallet.  Does it close properly, have enough compartments, not too many compartments (Mom wallets need not apply), is it the right color, weight, size, shape, style, etc etc etc....!!! 

I did a little summer shopping today.  For no reason.  I didn't "need" any of the stuff I bought.  It was strictly a splurge purchase.  I got a new Michael Kors wallet.  A pair of Tory Burch sunglasses.  And what would I be if I didn't impulsively grab the Red Velvet Cake lipgloss while waiting for the sales person to ring me up.  

I take it back, I did need a new pair of sunglasses, I just happened to buy the luxury version of what I "needed."  

I think what I actually needed was what I got.  I disappeared for a hour and a half in Nordstrom and didn't check my phone, Facebook or anything else.  The only thing I checked out was designer shades and handbags.  You can call it retail therapy if you want but I walked out of the store feeling like a new gal! Ready to get glammed up in my shades, lipgloss and fancy new purse. 

Happy Friday!

Kari & Kevin :: Summer Wedding in The OC

When I asked Kari the day before her wedding if she had any last minute questions for me, to which she responded: "I have no questions, because I trust you completely."  There are few people in the world who get to hear that from someone who means it.  I count myself lucky to have such an amazing bride.  Kari and Kevin met, fell in love and decided to get married.  They planned a wedding with little fuss or extravagance but rather warmth and affection toward one another and their new life as a couple.  I think love is one of the most magical things in this world.  And as I always say I am so blessed to have a job where I am in the midst of magic.  

Kari and her bridesmaids got ready at The Waterfront Beach Resort in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA.  The setting was beautiful and very relaxing.  Kari looked calm and collected and definitely ready to marry Kevin.  

The girls opted for Toms instead of heels which I thought added such a sweet touch to the wedding.  There was youth, optimism and carefree excitement in the air.  The ceremony and reception took place at Hillcrest Recreational Center in Fullerton and surrounded by about 30 of their closest family and friends, Kari and Kevin said "I do."

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.  Enjoy!